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The BACK-UP is a fall arrester for a flexible anchor line developed for work at height fall protection systems.
Ideal for systems using a 10.5mm or 11mm EN1891 type A line.
Employing a toothless mechanism to reduce possible damage to the rope, this device is one of the least aggressive on the market for textile ropes .
Supplied with an OVALONE CARBON connector, it can even be used without a lanyard or energy absorber.
It features a selector lever that allows you to choose between two modes of use:

  • free sliding along the rope in both directions
  • upward sliding only, which allows the user to reduce the fall factor.

It may also be used as an ascender or as a rope clamp for rescue systems.


SKU: 8021NO400KK
  • EN 353-2
    EN 12841 A/B
    ANSI/ASSE Z359.15-2014

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