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CAPTO is an intuitive device that combines a multi-functional rope grab, high-efficiency pulley, and integrated becket for easy hauling and ascending. Built around an innovative V-groove Cam, CAPTO is designed to handle rescue loads while providing force-limiting overload protection. CAPTO is available in gray for 10.5-11 mm (7/16 in) rope and red for 12.5-13 mm (1/2 in) rope. Both models are certified to NFPA General Use and the 11 mm CAPTO is also certified to EN 12841:2006/B (200 kg – two-person rescue load rating), EN 567:2013, and EN 12278:2007 (36 kN).


Compact, versatile, and easy to use, CAPTO is well-suited to a multitude of technical applications in personal and team-based systems for rescue and rope access. It replaces multiple devices in one, streamlining training and operations. Through its combination of features and built-in force-limiting capabilities, CAPTO provides technicians with a greater degree of safety and efficiency for hauling and ascending.


    • Combines a rope grab, pulley, and becket in a compact device for hauling & ascending.
    • Incorporates a force-limiting V-groove Cam designed to provide overload protection.
    • Installs quickly on tensioned and un-tensioned lines, no need for knots or hitches.
    • Opens one-handed and gives simultaneous access to components for rapid rigging.
    • Builds efficient M/A systems and smoothly progresses from a 3:1 to a 5:1 M/A.
    • Releases and resets easily, even after high loading, making it ideal for rescues.
    • Travels down rope in vertical systems, resetting and maximizing the haul field.
    • Allows installation of an accessory loop for remote resets and device stowage.
    • Provides an integrated becket for M/A components, lanyards, and foot loops.
    • Works well in combination with piggy back systems and additional CAPTOs.
    • Replaces multiple devices in one, streamlining training and operations.
    • Patented. Made in the USA.
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